Product: Doom Eternal Custom Controller

Manufacturer: We Are Robots

Game / IP: Doom Eternal

Developer: id Software

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Edition: Promotional


In early 2020 we were approached by Bethesda ANZ to create custom controllers to coincide with the March launch of DOOM Eternal. As a huge fan of DOOM 2016 it was a real honour to create something for the sequel. We set to work creating digital designs based on the DOOM Slayer’s characters from the 2020 game based on concept art and cosplay guides provided by Bethesda. After a few tweaks requested by Bethesda and designs for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers were signed-off and production commenced.

The completed controllers are now going to be part of a series of giveaways through Bethesda ANZ’s social media channels. Make sure you are following Bethesda ANZ and watch out for your opportunity to get your hands on one of these controllers.

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