Product: Necromorph Slasher

Manufacturer: NECA

Game / IP: Dead Space 2

Developer: Visceral Games

Released: 2011

Series: 2

UPC: 0634482447659


Made from the bodies of their victims, the slashers are necromorphs with the sole purpose of creating more corpses.

They relentlessly hunt the living, prowling in ventilation ducts and jumping out when least expected to eviscerate their prey.

They possess a decentralized nervous system and can only be killed by dismembering their limbs.

Series 2 based on the hit video game Dead Space features a new Isaac Clarke and the Necromorph Slasher. The hero Isaac is in a brand new suit and is highly articulated and features LED lights in the mask and on his back, and the Necromorph Slasher features detachable limbs for reenacting the strategic dismemberment that takes place in game combat.

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