Product: Torso Bust

Manufacturer: Deep Silver

Game / IP: Dead Island: Riptide

Developer: Techland

Released: 2013

Series: 1

Edition: Collector's Edition (Zombie Bait)


Hope is drowning. Get ready to return to zombie infected shores... Can you survive the impossible? Brace yourself for action with new skills, weapons, and communication features! Explore Palanai, a completely new island filled with deadly guests and addictive zombie slashing! Fight to survive alone or gather your friends in gruesome drop in / drop out coop multiplayer!

- Zombie Bait Artwork
- Dead Island: Riptide Game
- DLC - Weapons Mod Pack
- Zombie Bait Figure
- Steelbook


This statue was highly controversial at the time of release, and Deep Silver actually released an apology for it.

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