Product: Mugman 5.3" Figure

Manufacturer: 1000toys

Game / IP: Cuphead

Developer: StudioMDHR

Released: 2022

Series: 1


Mugman is Cuphead's sensible younger brother. His distinctive blue and white straw, a bigger and blue nose, and blue shorts are faithfully recreated. Just like Cuphead, a telescopic structure which enhances the range of motion is included in the head. Mugman also comes with fully articulated joints, and interchangeable eyes for creating an angry face.

Release Schedule: March 2022
Size: Height Approx. 135mm (Including straw)
Included: Hand Parts A, Hand Parts B, Interchangeable Eye Parts
Material: ABS, PVC, POM

Engineering Design by: Takayuki Ishizawa, T-REX
Finisher: Yoji Hayakawa (Sentinel)

Pre-order Start: October 7 (Thu), 2021
Pre-order Deadline: November 15 (Mon), 2021

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