Product: Pop! #841 Crash Bandicoot in Mask Armor (exclusive)

Manufacturer: Funko

Game / IP: Crash Bandicoot

Developer: Naughty Dog

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Exclusive: FunKon

Original Price: $15.00


The 2021 FunKon exclusive Pop! Crash Bandicoot in Mask Armor is prepared to stop Doctor Neo Cortex from taking over your Crash Bandicoot collection and the world. Act fast to collect this limited edition Pop! Crash Bandicoot! Vinyl figure is approximately 4.5-inches tall. Please note: Product will have either the 2021 FunKon sticker or the 2021 Summer Convention Exclusive sticker on the box. There is no guarantee as to which sticker will be present on the item ordered and received.

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