Product: Cave Miniature Figurines

Manufacturer: Fangamer

Game / IP: Cave, The

Developer: Double Fine Productions

Released: 2013

Series: 1

Original Price: $35.00

Description: The Cave.

Within its limitless and unimaginable depths can be found the objects of your most fervent, burning desire.

Such as these striking vinyl figurines portraying each of the principal characters from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions' upcoming instant-classic adventure game, The Cave!

Swing out of harm's way with the Adventurer! Attain dubious spiritual enlightenment with the Monk! Creep people out with the Twins!

The Cave figurines are available as a full set consisting of the Knight, Time Traveler, Scientist, Monk, Adventurer, Twins, and Hillbilly. Or buy individual blind box figurines, and leave their contents up to the whims of fate.

After all, The Cave knows what you covet most...even if you don't.

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