Product: Pain Elemental Oversized Plush

Manufacturer: Bethesda

Game / IP: Doom Eternal

Developer: id Software

Released: 2021

Series: 1

Original Price: $25.00


Any video game protagonist can slay a fire-breathing monster. But a monster-breathing monster? That's a job for the DOOM Slayer! Behold the DOOM Eternal Pain Elemental Oversized Plush-a huge, squishy trophy you can get for yourself (or a friend) as a reward for killing the Pain Elemental.

- Stylized plushie of the Pain Elemental from DOOM Eternal
- Soft and cuddly
- Material: 100% Polyester

- Length: 19.3 in (49.02 cm)
- Height: 13.78 in (35 cm)
- Depth: 8.66 in (22 cm)

Also available: DOOM Classic Oversized Cacodemon Plush


If you know this demon's story, you can understand why it's so angry and tormented. And for that, you might want to give it a hug. Don't be scared of its protruding horns and claws; its toothy, fiery maw; or its glaring red eye. At over a foot tall and almost 20 inches long, this oversized plushie gives big hugs and is more than ready to receive them. When you're not in the mood to cuddle, your Pain Elemental can also sit happily on display. If you want, you can even give it a friend.

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