Product: Dwarven Colossus 12" Statue

Manufacturer: Bethesda

Game / IP: Elder Scrolls Online, The: Morrowind

Developer: Bethesda

Released: 2017

Series: 1

Edition: Collector's Edition

Original Price: $100.00


Return to Morrowind in this new chapter of the award-winning online role-playing series, The Elder Scrolls Online. Morrowind is on the verge of destruction, and it's up to you to save it from a deadly Daedric threat. Embark on a dangerous journey through legendary locales, from volcanic ashlands to mushroom-filled forests.

- SAVE MORROWIND - Stop a meteor from crashing into Vivec City by helping a demi-god regain his lost powers.
BECOME THE WARDEN - Harness the nature-based magic of an all-new class with a War Bear battle companion at your side.
- PARTNER WITH AN ASSASSIN - Aid a legendary elite member of the Morag Tong who will guide you through deadly political intrigue.
- FIGHT TOGETHER IN PVP BATTLEGROUNDS - Take the battle to the Ashlands with new 4v4v4 player vs. player combat set in competitive arena-style environments.
- Includes The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, the first game of the acclaimed online RPG series. Pre-order today and get the Discovery Pack!

Created for the ultimate fan of the acclaimed series, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Collector's Edition includes the Discovery Pack, all premium edition digital content, and truly unique collectibles.

- NARYU'S JOURNAL - A full-color, large-format book chronicling Morag Tong assassin Naryu's pursuit of a conspiracy across Tamriel. Illustrated with a broad array of concept art.
- DWARVEN COLOSSUS STATUE - Recreated with the help of sacred Dwarven texts, this 12" tall replica of the Colossus which starred in the announcement trailer and in Naryu's Journal, stands ready to defend your treasures.
- MAP OF MORROWIND - Chart your adventures throughout Vvardenfell with this handy map at your side.
- EXCLUSIVE GAME CASE - Hold your game in style with this limited edition metallic case bearing the marks of Vivec and the Tribunal.

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