Product: Constricting Headband Replica, Wind Chime Necklace, Thunderstone Ring & Artwork

Manufacturer: Game Science

Game / IP: Black Myth: Wukong

Developer: Game Science

Released: 2024

Series: 1

Edition: Collector's Edition (Deluxe)

Original Price: $169.99


Black Myth: Wukong is an action RPG rooted in Chinese mythology. The story is based on Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. You shall set out as the Destined One to venture into the challenges and marvels ahead, to uncover the obscured truth beneath the veil of a glorious legend from the past.

Deluxe Edition includes:
- Steel case
- Steam digital deluxe edition activation code
- Constricting Headband (1:1 scale, bronze)
- Chaos at the Peach Banquet Silk Scroll
- Wind Chime Necklace
- Thunderstone Ring
- Gold Sun Crow Pin
- Stamps & Postcard
- Warranty certificate

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