Product: Citadel Shadowbox

Manufacturer: Artovision

Game / IP: Mass Effect

Developer: BioWare

Released: 2020

Series: 1

Limited Quantity: 200

Original Price: $150.00


Escape to a surreal scene in the heart of the galaxy with this multi-layered and limited-edition piece of art.

- Limited edition of only 200
- Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
- Individually-numbered
- Multi-layered artwork of the Citadel cityscape from Mass Effect
- Ready to hang. No assembly required.
- Handcrafted by ArtoVision in Eau Claire, Wisconsin


If you've never seen an ArtoVision shadow box in action before, prepare for an immersive sight. The artwork is printed on 4 separate layers of crystal clear acrylic, creating real depth that would make you feel like you were really there. "There" in this case means the Citadel, center of the Mass Relay network.

It's a treasury of secrets and breathtaking views. This cityscape for example, rises from one of its five arms-while the four others dominate the skyline. Watch this scene come to life as your Mass Effect Citadel Shadow Box draws you in from any angle. This very special artwork belongs to a limited edition of only 200 pieces and comes with an individual number and a Certificate of Authenticity.

- Mass Effect collectible art: Shadow Box
- Materials: Acrylic (printed artwork layers); high quality finished wood (frame)

- Width: 15 in (38.1 cm)
- Height: 12.5 in (30.48 cm)
- Depth: 3.5 in (8.89 cm)
- Weight: 8 lbs (3.62 kg)

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