Product: RC-XD Video Surveillance Vehicle

Manufacturer: Activision

Game / IP: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Developer: Activision

Released: 2010

Series: 1

Edition: Collector's Edition (Prestige)


Inspired by the experiences of real Black Ops soldiers of the era, the missions of Call of Duty: Black Ops takes you to a wide variety of settings, ranging from snowbound mountain strongholds in historical Soviet held territories, to the jungles and urban settings of Vietnam War era SE Asia. Throughout all, care has been taken to maintain the traditional essence of Call of Duty style combat, while also introducing new types of action that add to the game play experience. Additional features include co-op, versus and team-based multiplayer options, new vehicles like the SR-71 Blackbird and lethal new weapons such as explosive-tipped crossbows.

- RC-XD Transmitter
- 2 backlit TFT 220 x176 color screen to receive video from car
- Integrated speaker to receive audio from car
- Custom pistol grip style RC controller
- High and low speed settings
- Up to 200ft control range
- Requires 12 AA batteries (not included)

Includes the full Call of Duty - Black Ops Hardened Edition - Limited edition Black Ops Collector's Medal with display case; 4 extra playable co-op maps not in the standard edition; Premium, special-edition SteelBook case; Black Ops avatar outfit; Call of Duty - Black Ops full game.

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