Product: Mad Hatter (grey jacket)

Manufacturer: Milo's Workshop

Game / IP: American McGee's Alice

Developer: EA Games

Released: 2004

Series: 4


Wonderland has undergone a terrifying transformation since Alice's last visit. And so has its inhabitants. Collect all seven characters from American McGee's Alice, the EA Games computer game in which you play as Alice and decide the fate of the once-glorious realm.

Into a dark dream you drop... In this dark continuation of a classic tale, return, as Alice, to a hauntingly familiar, yet viciously surreal Wonderland. Fight for survival against the Queen of Hearts and her multitudinous minions, and reclaim the once-glorious realm from her virulent contagion.

- Bizarre Renditions of Characters from the Original Alice Adventures
- A Familiar Wonderland Transformed into a Chaotic Wasteland
- Includes the Pool of Tears, the Fungiferous Forest, the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and More
- An Arsenal of the Most Mischievous Toys Ever Imagined
- Devious Puzzles and Labyrinthine Mazes
- Menacing Card Guards, Demonic Fire Imps, Ravenous Jabberspawn, and Many More
- Stunning Third-Person, 3D Action Based on Enhanced Quake III Technology
- Original Music Composed For American McGee's Alice


Characters designed by: Mark Newman, Tony McVey, and Norman Felchle

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