Product: Genie, Scrooge McDuck & Goofy 7" Figure 3-Pack (exclusive)

Manufacturer: McFarlane

Game / IP: Disney Mirrorverse

Developer: Kabam

Released: 2023

Series: 1

Exclusive: Amazon

Original Price: $39.99


GENIE: As a free spirit, Genie’s larger-than-life personality shines day or night. He lends a giant galactic hand to draw the enemy’s focus from his allies, while his phenomenal cosmic powers allow him to dazzle his foes.

SCROOGE MCDUCK: Extremely lucky in adventure and finace, Scrooge McDuck has accumulated both good fortune and a good fortune! He uses this fabulous wealth the way anyone would – to subsidize his adventuring lifestyle, and pump up the power of his Number One Dime to benefit his allies in strength and combat.

GOOFY: Disaster seems to follow Goofy everywhere in the Mirrorverse, but he either doesn’t mind or doesn’t notice! Stellar Magic has greatly amplified his luck, so it doesn’t matter whether he uses a precision weapon or just tosses something over his shoulder, he always manages to hit his mark. Gawrsh!

Product Features:
- Based on the Disney Mirrorverse mobile game
- Designed with articulation for pose and play
- Genie 5? scale figure includes swirl base effect
- Scrooge McDuck 5? scale figure includes cane
- Goofy 7? scale figure includes boomerang
- Collect all Disney Mirrorverse Figures from McFarlane Toys

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